Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Women, 1947

DSC07118Can never seem to resist a drive to Concord and a visit to Orchard House.  On my trip today, I found a beautiful volume of Little Women, published in 1947.

Everyone knows how much I adore everything that Louisa May Alcott has written.  Can't you just see Jo running up that walkway into Orchard House?


DSC07118I have come across many different versions of Little Women,


DSC07118but this one is the edition that I was given by my mother.  

Published in 1947, the illustrations in this book are gorgeous.

Little Women

DSC07118The quality in the papers that they used in this book let you know this edition was something really special. This copy is beautiful, clean and the end pages are blue.

DSC07118Illustrated by Louis Jambor, this book has the most incredible illustrations,

and I was told by the shopkeeper in Orchard House that the black and white illustrations are her favorites.  There are so many black and white illustrations in this edition.  This is the edition Orchard House chose to feature in their Gift Shop, but published in 2008.

Little Women

DSC07118"The special contents of this edition are copyrighted, 1947 by Gorsset & Dunlap, Inc. printed by Kingsport press. Inc., Kingsport, Tennessee."

DSC07118I placed it in my Etsy Shop For The Love of Old Books today.  


DSC07118I just love all the black and white illustrations, there are many inside this delightful volume.

Of course I can never resist taking the book to be photographed in front of Orchard House, the home where Little Women was written and took place.

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Pamela said...

Oh so beautiful! I love Little Women and the old books are illustrated so beautifully to say nothing of the covers! Isn't it interesting that we have so much more available to us today and our books aren't nearly as beautiful.