Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett 1845 - 1846


"You were made perfectly to be loved,
and surely I have loved you, in the
idea of you, my whole life long."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


elizabeth-barrett-envelopeOf all my favorite writers and poets, I have admired the love of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.

elizabeth-barrett-envelopeWandering the aisles of a favorite old book shop, my eyes caught sight of this fabulous binding. As I slid the book from the shelf, I noticed there were two in this set.

elizabeth-barrett-envelopeApple green leather binding with gold leaf, and pages unevenly cut to create sheer bliss for the lover of old books.


elizabeth-barrett-envelopeI opened the cover of this lovingly warn book, Volume I, which was dated 1899. Volume One boasts a beautiful portrait of Robert Browning, and Volume II Elizabeth Barrett Barrett.


elizabeth-barrett-envelopeI began to read the letters and I swooned, so I just had to bring them home.

elizabeth-barrett-envelopeWouldn't they just be the perfect gift for someone's love, on Valentine's Day? They would look perfectly special on the shelf of my little shop.

My creation

elizabeth-barrett-envelopeLoving sentiments wrapped in perfect words caressed each sentence of these letters. Letters whispering the promises of love, letters that are still cherished to this day.


elizabeth-barrett-envelopeOne year of letters housed in these two beautiful volumes, capturing the sweet love of these two poets. Their son published these letters, and said that his parents were never apart after they married.


The Letters Of
Robert Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
1845 - 1846

Published by Harper & Brothers, Publishers
New York and London

Volume I, 574 pages with portrait of Robert Browning
Volume II, 562 pages with portrait of Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
and index for both volumes. Images of handwriting and envelope

elizabeth-barrett-envelopeOf course I will wrap it like an old fashioned parcel to add to it's charm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old and Cherished Treasures


DSC06002Whether I am browsing in an Antique shop,


DSC06002Or looking for old and rare books,


DSC06002I just can't seem to tire of seeing old treasures.


My creation

DSC06002Ever since I decided to write and create For The Love of Old Books, so many nice things have been happening.

Old letters and books

DSC04236You never can tell where you will find inspiration amongst kindred spirits.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland I visited one of my favorite old book shops.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland I walked up and down the aisles admiring the old bindings and carefully opening up each treasure to see the beautiful Antique artwork.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandTucked in the corner I spotted a rocking chair, next to shelves and shelves of old children's books. Down at the very bottom shelf was this beautiful book peeking out.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandI opened up the cover and could not believe my eyes The Adventures of Alice and Wonderland published in 1867.



Alice's Adventures in WonderlandInside this treasure were the black and white illustrations that we often see.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandThen there were these other book plates in full color that I had never seen before.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandWhen I went to purchase the book, the shopkeeper remarked at what a beautiful book it was, and how she loved the color plates as well.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandI have spent days restoring these beautiful works of art and creating some new designs with them. I do not like taking a book apart, I prefer scanning the images and then restoring them with my digital paintbox.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSeveral of my creations have been turned into fabrics on Spoonflower Fabrics.

Alice and the Flamingo

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandI am just waiting for the swatches to arrive, so that I can approve them for sale.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMy idea is to turn some of them into fabric wall hangings.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandI have some other ideas for Alice, which I will post about another time.


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandUntil then, I am having so much fun visiting with Alice and all the characters in this beautiful treasure. I feel a bit like Alice myself.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland