Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Retold

o, I was out in my favorite old book shop searching for Alice in Wonderland. I found one volume, which I am currently working on...restoring the Antique artwork that we all love.


DSC06483Then I picked up this little 6 x 8 Antique volume from 1905. I purchased my books and went home to research my finds. The unusual tea party color plate is at the front of the book.

DSC06483I discovered that this book is a rare edition, and is valuable.

alice in wonderland syllables five

"In the early twentieth century, great books were often “retold in words of one syllable” so that the language would be easier for beginning readers. In this adaptation, Mrs J. C. Gorham hyphenates some longer words that couldn’t be avoided—but the text remains the same enjoyable story retold of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale.

Mrs J. C. Gorham, is known to us only by her married name, the usual practice of the time. Gorham is notable for having written three books in “Burt’s Series of One Syllable Books”, Gulliver’s Travels (1896) and Black Beauty (1905) being her other two, with some eleven other books in this “series of Classics, selected specially for young people’s reading, and told in simple language for youngest readers”.


DSC06483I usually purchase rare and unusual books for the artwork that they contain. I scan the magnificent illustrations and artwork, and sometimes restore them using my digital paintbox.

My creation

DSC06483When I am finished using the book, I usually put it on sale on my etsy shop, For The Love of Old Books. This book would be a lovely addition to someone's library.

alice in wonderland syllables four

DSC06483Alice in Wonderland rewritten in words of one syllable to help readers in 1905 read. It contains all the wonderful black and white illustrations that we all have grown to love. Except these are all copyright free, so you can use them to copy and use in your own artwork to sell. I have a little library of Alice in Wonderland treasures, so I thought I would share the wealth, and offer this one for sale.

alice in wonderland syllables three

DSC06483The wonderful volume was printed in 1905 by A.L. Burt Company. 97 pages long with lots of lovely black and white illustrations inside. The book measures 8 1/2 x 6 inches, hard cover, which is soiled from lots of use.

alice three

DSC06483Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was retold by Mrs. J.C. Gorham, fully illustrated with some words by syllable...

alice in wonderland two

DSC06483The book is tattered, with a few pencil underlines for the dear child who was trying their hand at learned to ready by syllables.


DSC06483The binding is coming away a bit in the front, but the illustrations have kept their integrity. I just love using Alice illustrations in my artwork and on my fabrics on Spoonflower Fabrics.


DSC06483I hope that you enjoy this treasure. I recently saw this edition for sale for $125.00 on ebay. I am not an ebay seller, but if I were I would try my hand at this. Some day I will be a book seller perhaps, but for now I just love the artwork I find inside.


DSC06483I wonder how many children learned how to read using this precious find.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heroines of the Poets

A Rare Find...published in 1886 by D. Llothrop & Co.,

My creation

DSC06453_1This lovely treasure is bound in beautiful black leather with gold leaf writing, and gorgeous gold leaf trim on all the pages...


DSC06453_1Just in time for Mother's Day


DSC06453_1or a special Birthday gift perhaps. Maybe a treasure just for you.

DSC06453_1When I stumbled on this amazing volume and saw the writers who contributed to these writings

DSC06453_1and the gorgeous illustrations, I was thrilled.


DSC06453_1Poetry of the likes of John Keats, Walter Scott, William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to mention a few of the twelve contributing authors. The list of illustrations include fifteen beautiful book plates of wonderful artists renderings.


DSC06453_1Lovingly worn, in beautiful condition considering this Antique book is over one hundred and twenty years old.


DSC06453_1A bit of scruffing on the bottom corner of the binding. This is truly a rare find, I usually search the book files before I list a book, I could not find this unusual and wonderful treasure.


DSC06453_1I have Just listed this lovely Antique volume i
n my etsy shop For The Love of Old Books.


DSC06453_1These beautiful Antique Book Plates are copyright free


DSC06453_1 and would make lovely reproductions.