Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heroines of the Poets

A Rare Find...published in 1886 by D. Llothrop & Co.,

My creation

DSC06453_1This lovely treasure is bound in beautiful black leather with gold leaf writing, and gorgeous gold leaf trim on all the pages...


DSC06453_1Just in time for Mother's Day


DSC06453_1or a special Birthday gift perhaps. Maybe a treasure just for you.

DSC06453_1When I stumbled on this amazing volume and saw the writers who contributed to these writings

DSC06453_1and the gorgeous illustrations, I was thrilled.


DSC06453_1Poetry of the likes of John Keats, Walter Scott, William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to mention a few of the twelve contributing authors. The list of illustrations include fifteen beautiful book plates of wonderful artists renderings.


DSC06453_1Lovingly worn, in beautiful condition considering this Antique book is over one hundred and twenty years old.


DSC06453_1A bit of scruffing on the bottom corner of the binding. This is truly a rare find, I usually search the book files before I list a book, I could not find this unusual and wonderful treasure.


DSC06453_1I have Just listed this lovely Antique volume i
n my etsy shop For The Love of Old Books.


DSC06453_1These beautiful Antique Book Plates are copyright free


DSC06453_1 and would make lovely reproductions.


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myletterstoemily said...

what a truly gorgeous book.

. . . so tempted.