Saturday, January 1, 2011

Master Musicians

This treasure will surely be a classical music lovers dream gift.

Master Musicians, a book for layers, singers & listeners was written by J. Cuthbert Hadden. This volume was published in 1911 by T. N. Foulis Edinburgh.

I love when the papers in an old book have jagged edges, and there is a lovely heavy brown paper boasting photographs of each of the fourteen illustrations of the great composers. A tissue page is protecting each bookplate.

The book is 254 pages, and there is a lovely hint of gold leafing on the top pages.

PREFACE by J. Cuthbert Hadden

"The only thing requiring to be said by way of preface to t his book is, that it does not pretend to be critical. Technicalities have been expressly avoided. It is about the men themselves rather than about their music that I have chosen to write. Further, I have had in view the amateur rather than the professional, and the young reader rather than the adult; though I would fain hope that the book may interest all who love and practice the art of Bach and Beethoven."

Edinburg, September 1909

The book is in wonderful condition.

Adding to the charm of the book, there are a few pencil markings in the book, indicating obvious study of some aspiring young musician.

A wonderful addition to a collector's library or the gift of music for a special friend.

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