Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Women, 1934


DSC08861Anyone who loves Little Women adores the original movie which starred Katherine Hepburn as Jo. She won her first Oscar for that part.
My creation

DSC08861This movie was released by RKO Radio during the depths of the depression.  “The film opened on November 16, 1933 at Radio City Music Hall, where it broke attendance records and earned over $100,000 during the first week of release.”

George Cukor directed this film and here is the wonderful cast:
Joan Bennett as Amy
Frances Dee as Meg
Jean Parker as Beth
Paul Lukas as fritz
Edna May Oliver as Aunt March
Spring Byington as Marmee
Douglas Montgomery as Laurie
DSC08861But the real surprise is that I found the book, which was printed with photographs taken from the original movie.

DSC08861A Complete Authorized Edition with pictures from the 1933 movie, published in 1934 by A. L. Burt Company.

DSC08861The hard cover is blue, and the inside papers at the front and back of the book, hold a charming illustration of Concord and Orchard House.  


DSC08861The pages inside the book are yellow with age, but I find it only adds to the charm.


DSC08861I am sure that Katherine Hepburn must have had a copy of this edition, probably sitting next to her Oscar.


DSC08861I just placed the book in my etsy shop, For The Love of Old Books.  You are listening to the original clips from the 1933 movie trailer.

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