Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halls of Fame of MY BOOKHOUSE

HALLS OF FAME OF MY BOOKHOUSE was edited by Olive Beaupre' Miller.

I was searching Brimfield's Antique Market last week for some treasures, and I found this delightful book. Published in Chicago in 1934, this lovely book is written so beautifully.

"Halls of Fame
Within these high-guilt Halls of Fame
Hang portraits done in youth
Of those who built this Wonder-house
of beauty, life, and truth."

In this beautiful book of stories, are the childhood biographies of authors like John Keats, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, and the list goes on. These stories are written in such a charming way.

Beautifully illustrated throughout with vivid colorful bookplates as well as black and white ones.

This book is 226 pages in all, the book is in perfect condition boasting a beautiful hard cover with a lovely illustration. There is a very in-depth index in the back of the book. This book was published in twelve volumes. This is Volume Twelve.

Each biography is written beautifully to capture a child's imagination.

William Wordsworth
A Boy of the Lake Country
"When the river Derwent has left the mountains to mirror on its bright blue waters and ruins of old castle towers, it flows along the margin of a grassy terrace where once a little cottage stood. In that cottage lived a boy of five whose playmate was the river."

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