Monday, February 8, 2010


For a long time now I have wanted to use my prints of artwork as collage sheets. So, I am launching my new collage sheets on my shop For The Love of Old Books on etsy.


I will be able to e-mail a nice JPEG file of an 8 x 10 of prints for people to use in their own creations for personal use or in projects and creations to sell. The Watermark will not appear on the files sent.


One of the things about collage sheets that I have purchased is that they come with a long list of rules. Forgive me but I still can't figure out what the Angel policy is all about. And since I don't like breaking rules, when something I purchase tells me I can only use two of a certain image in one project, or I can't use them when there is a full moon...I just don't use them at all.

raggedy ann friends

I also thought, if I am sharing something that I have created using old copyright free images, than why not pass that ability along. Forgive me, but when I see an old photograph from a public file then copyrighted for the owner, it puzzles me no end. Or if they take an old image which is copyright free, turn it into a rubber stamp and claim it as their own design. I must be getting old. Hey, wait a minute I am old!

raggedy ann stories 1918

And being older makes me know that I too can make my own rules. Creations with no rules. So, I am also making these collage sheets available to those people who are skilled in digital paint boxes to rework them into their own designs. Here is a free Raggedy Ann image for you to take home.

I plan on adding more and more of collage sheet designs to my little shop. When the customer receives the file in an e-mail, they simply save it to their computer and print it out. An affordable but lovely paper is brochure paper. It prints a nice crisp and vivid image. But since my collage sheets are 300 dpi resolution they will print nicely on any paper you choose to use. Well, now onto collage sheets with Alice in Wonderland.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Karen, these are adorable, and what a fantastic idea. Makes me want to start scrapbooking or something! laurie

MoonlightJourney said...

Karen, what a great idea! I love your "rules" because I sell my sheets with no restrictions either.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Alice In Wonderland perhaps???

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Karen,
Those sheets are really cute. You are just always thinking.
Still waiting to see what you are doing with the cigar box.
Guess what I got today at an Antique store. The RAGGADY ANDY BOOK, MATCHES THE ANN ONE.Funny how things happen like that.Saw a lot of old Children's Books and thought of you. I would have bought some others but they were priced to high for me.I did get four 1925 hardcover postcard books. Pretty interesting.
Nancy Jo